• 15th - 17th Jan. 2021
  • Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

What is Asset Management Expo?

In recent years, individuals and companies interested in investment management has been increasing. Under such circumstances, we decided to launch this Expo in response to the strong demand from the people who are involved in asset management such as the financial industry and the real estate industry. Enterprises having investment products, such as securities companies and real estate agents, exhibit and investors attend. Business match-makings for new asset management take place.

Asset Management Expo consists of 3 Fairs

■ Real Estate Fair

・Office buildings  ・Rental houses  ・Hospitality Investment Properties 

・Commercial facilities  ・Solar photovoltaic generation facilities   ... etc.

■ Household Financial Management Fair

・Insurance  ・Loan  ・Financial Consulting   

・Credit Card Services      ・Household Solar Plants    ... etc.

■ Financial Assets Fair

・Investment Trust  ・ETF  ・REIT  ・Annuity Insurance   

・FX  ・Consulting     ... etc.

【Visitor Profile】

・Individual Investors (From beginners to experienced)

・Institutional Investors (Top managements, Investment divisions ... etc.)

・Specialists (Banks, Securities companies, Financial planners ... etc.)

Show Video (2018)

About Japan's Economy

1. Japan has the world’s third-largest economy!

Featured news

Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, having achieved remarkable growth in the second half of the 20th Century after the devastation of the
Second World War. www.bbc.com, Feb. 2017

2. Japan’s affluent segment consists of 1,220,000 households!

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Japan’s Affluent Segment Consisted of 1,220,000 Households and Held Total Net Financial Assets of ¥272 Trillion in 2015. Between 2013 and 2015, the affluent and HNWI segments saw the value of their net financial assets increase by 17.3% and 2.7% respectively, making for a combined increase of 12.9%. The ¥272 trillion in net financial assets held by the affluent and HNWI segments in 2015 surpassed the ¥254 trillion figure seen in 2007, which had marked the peak since the year 2000 when NRI began conducting such estimates. www.nri.com, Nov. 2016

3. Number of millionaires in Japan is increasing rapidly!

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As CREDIT SUISSE reported in their Global Wealth Report 2016, Japan made the highest annual increase of the country wealth in the world in 2016.
The number of millionaires in Japan increased by 738,000 in 2016, which is also the highest rise in the world. Furthermore, super billionaires (with the net asset of over 50 million USD) in Japan also increased sharpest in the world in the same year.  Global Wealth Report 2016, CREDIT SUISSE

The Organiser's Vigorous Visitor Promotions will Bring 20,000* Investors to the Show!


Show schedule for the next 3 years

<2020> Jan. 23 (Thur) - 25 (Sat)

<2021> Jan. 15 (Fri) - 17 (Sun)

Reed Japan’s Solemn Declaration of

Non-Inflated Numbers

1. The reason for not inflating the visitor numbers

Inflating visitor numbers is a misrepresentation of the exhibition’s content, and a fraudulent act toward the exhibitors. Therefore, Reed will not commit such an act.

2. The visitor number counting method

Every visitor is to submit one business card at the visitor registration counter on-site, and will be counted as one visitor based on their business cards no matter how many times he/she re-enters the show.

3. Visitor numbers will be verified by an external party

Once the exhibition is completed, all the business cards submitted at the visitor registration counter will be presented to a certified accountant, who will verify that they are the same number as the number of visitors announced by the organiser. Random checks will be conducted through phone calls to the persons on the business cards to confirm that they had attended the exhibition.

4. Written official announcement of the visitor count

Immediately following the exhibition, the visitor number will be announced alongside the counting method, in written form.

Organised by Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

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Reed Exhibitions Japan organises 231 trade shows a year at large exhibition halls such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe and Intex Osaka across a wide variety of 62 industries including jewellery, fashion, gift items, electronics, energy, IT, cosmetics and medical.
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Philosophy of Reed Exhibitions Japan
1. We gather an overwhelming number of buyers with a clear purpose of business.
2. We gather a great number of premium buyers from Japan and abroad.
3. We release the visitor numbers clearly and stringently without deception.
4. We gather an overwhelming number of exhibitors from Japan and abroad.
5. We organise exhibitions profitable for exhibitors.
6. We pledge to develop methods to lead trade shows to success, and keep adding values to trade shows.